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Julian Opie at the National Gallery Victoria, Australia

12th Jun 2018

In November, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, presents Julian Opie's first major solo exhibition in Australia. Works dating from 1993 to the present day include new portraits and walking figures created in response to the gallery's location. Opie is an artist of contemporary life, using urban and rural landscapes, as well as moving figures, to bring time-honoured artistic genres into the twenty-first century.

Working in a variety of media, Opie draws inspiration from both high art, design and the vernacular; lightbox advertising, billboard signs, Japanese Manga, seventeenth and eighteenth-century portraiture, nineteenth-century silhouettes, Roman busts and ancient Egyptian art.

Julian Opie, National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, 9 November 2018 - 27 February 2019.

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