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Studio Sounds: Sol LeWitt

23rd Feb 2018

The latest playlist from Studio Sounds is availible on our Spotify page and is compiled from music and scores owned by Sol LeWitt (1928-2007).

LeWitt saw an affinity between music and art and over a thirty year period avidly collected both.

In one of his concrete poems Carl Andre wrote, "WHEN YOU GO TO SOL YOU SEE MUSIC/ TO SOL WHO KNOWS THAT ALL ART ASPIRES TO THE CONDITION OF MUSIC." - Carl Andre Cuts: Texts 1959 - 2004

LeWitt would record music from vinyl and radio onto cassettes, and then meticulously log it alphabetically in a ring binder. His hand written catalogue contained 3,970 individual tapes with Bach and Mozart having sixteen pages dedicated to each of them. He was also particularly interested in the minimal scores of composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Cage. As well as collecting music LeWitt also bought original scores. He would often acquire them as a way of supporting up-and-coming composers. His purchase of one of Steve Reich’s scores is credited with funding Reich’s notorious composition, 'Drumming.'