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Paul Winstanley: Studio Sounds

20th Oct 2017

The latest instalment of our music series, Studio Sounds, is available on Spotify. Winstanley explains why he chose these ten songs:

"I have music playing quite a lot of the time and I constantly refresh with new music as well as old things I still like or re-discover. I've been a music lover all my life and make no distinctions between genres or eras. Music provides different kinds of energies to work with. This playlist covers a wide range, some short, ear-worm rock pieces like those by Field Music or British Sea Power, which provide a blast of energy, others low-tech and folksy like the early Stones' song 'Factory Girl' or Nick Drake's magical 'Road'. Nick Cave's 'Babe, You Turn Me On' has an earthy, genuine emotion you can feel and believe in before Pull by Spooky Black sweeps you into a more synthetic and poignant emotion. The remaining pieces are either instrumental or predominantly so emphasising their musicality rather than their song form. Lambchop’s ‘The Hustle’ extends for eighteen minutes and, like other longer pieces, is excellent for inducing a state of alert concentration over long periods of painting.”

Listen to Paul Winstanley’s Studio Sounds below or click here