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Folkestone Triennial

3rd Apr 2017

Michael Craig-Martin, Antony Gormley and Richard Woods will take part in this year's Folkestone Triennial. Each artist will produce a site specific piece that will respond to this year's theme, 'Double Edge.' The title refers to the two main axes around which Folkestone's development has taken place historically and geographically. The theme draws on the extensive academic study of 'edge' concepts in recent years: borders; thresholds; margins; the periphery; the liminal. Double Edge resonates with major contemporary cultural, economic and political realities experienced as part of everyday live both in Folkestone and internationally.

Richard Woods’ five-part installation, ‘Holiday Home’, will consist of replica homes in various locations around the town, each one being a third of its original size, identical in form but painted in a variety of colourways. The work makes a connection between the housing crisis in the South East of England and the booming market in surplus second homes (holiday homes).

Antony Gormley will site one of his cast iron figures from ‘Another Time’ within the Half Tide Loading Bay, to be immersed and revealed with the rise and fall of the tide. The sculpture will look out towards another figure from the same series located at the other side of Sunny Sands beach. A third figure (in partnership with Turner Contemporary) will appear off the shore of the nearby town of Margate.

Michael Craig-Martin's composition ‘Light Bulb’, symbolic of ideas, energy and enlightenment, will be placed at the junction of Folkestone's two most important streets: the Old High Street and Tontine Street - the threshold of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

The Folkestone Triennial will take place from 2 September – 5 November 2017