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Richard Woods: Duck Weave

30th Jan 2016

Richard Woods has filled the 600 sq m gallery space at Eastside Projects with his new Duck Weave paintings and sculptures. Duck Weave cloth is the oldest fabric recovered in the Western Hemisphere. Made by early humans, the cloth was woven from plant fibres, which were intertwined using bone to pack the weave tightly. The cloth remained popular in England for the next 6,000 years.

Woods has spent the past 12 months rediscovering this ancient craft, translating the pattern into a series of bold, multi-coloured paintings and sculptures made from wood panels.

Richard Woods: Duck Weave is at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, until 9 April 2016.

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Photography by Ashley Carr. Courtesy of Eastside Projects.
Photography by Stuart Whipps. Courtesy of Eastside Projects.