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Richard Woods: The Ideal Home Exhibition

21 Jun 2018 - 31 Jul 2018

New work by Richard Woods (b. 1966) will be unveiled in The Ideal Home Exhibition at the Alan Cristea Gallery, London, from 21 June - 31 July 2018. New sculptures, paintings, and prints take as their subject notions of taste and the cult of home improvement.

The Ideal Home Exhibition will include large paintings, each measuring between one and two metres in width, which depict houses that are half built or are adorned with new ‘must-have’ features. Woods has humorously titled these works; Modernising opportunity, Living the dream (bungalow with modern extension), and Installing a green roof is simple and affordable.

These densely inked compositions will be shown together with Dream Homes, 2018 a new series of eight prints, a combination of woodblock and stencil, which takes as its central motif the black outline of a house. Each print is layered with Woods’ classic brick, tile, wood and stone patterns and designs. The exhibition will also include small framed paintings from a series entitled Hand Held Landscapes, 2017. These works combine an interest in portable medieval panel paintings that were folded up and carried by worshippers in their pockets for private devotion as well as referencing the generic greenbelt ‘land for sale’ images offered in estate agent windows.

 Completing The Ideal Home Exhibition will be a series of mini sculptures based on a recent commission by Woods entitled Holiday Home.  Part of Folkestone Triennial 2017, Holiday Home was an installation of six identical structures designed to look like traditional British bungalows. These cartoon homes, too small to live in, with no windows or doors, play on the idea of sought-after locations and the booming market, amid a crisis of housing supply, for second homes.