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Julian Opie : This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts

13 Oct 2008 - 15 Nov 2008

A pole dancer called Shahnoza is the subject of a new series of nine, life-size works by Julian Opie, titled This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts, and featured in the exhibition of the same name at Alan Cristea Gallery from 13 October 2008.

This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts features linear images of the pole dancer in nine different poses, each divided into three framed panels. In all of the works, the line of the figure is made using a combination of silkscreen and flocking. This marriage of techniques gives a rich, black and velvety surface texture which contrasts with the pure white acrylic support panels. Flocking is the process of adhering fine textile fibres to a surface. Historically it is associated with wall coverings that became popular during the reign of Louis XIV of France and its use continues, in various forms, to the present day.


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