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Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo was born in Russia in 1890 and became a pioneer of the Constructivist movement and one of the most important and influential sculptors of the twentieth century.

Perhaps best known for his three-dimensional constructions, Gabo was always resistant to the idea of the traditional ‘editioned print', instead choosing to make a significant body of unique woodcuts over an extended period of time. He made the first of these monoprints in 1950 at the suggestion of William Ivins, formerly curator of prints at the Metropolitan Museum, and continued the practice right through his life. In total he only made twelve images (‘Opera') as well as a small number of printed variants. None was editioned, but instead the artist printed multiple copies from the same block, in each case showing how, by altering colour, tone, paper and orientation, he could radically change the nature and balance of a single composition.

A small number of these works remain in circulation. The Alan Cristea Gallery is the exclusive worldwide representative for the prints from the Naum Gabo Estate.

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